105 5MM Blue and Pure White Light String on White Wire

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  • Blue & Pure White Lights
  • 22 Gauge
  • White Wire
  • 7.5'
  • Indoor/Outdoor
Part Number: S-IC105BL/PW-IW
Availability: In Stock
Icicle lights are the perfect way to decorate your home not just for Christmas, but all winter long. There are a total of 105 Blue and Pure White 5MM Conical LED lights on the strand. The lamps are weatherproof with 2 piece removable lamps. The vertical drops vary in length alternatively between 6, 5, then 3 bulbs per drop. They have been made with straight-line construction, so even if one bulb burns out the rest will remain lit. Has a fuse-protected, stackable plug. Each set is 5.35 watts and you are able to connect up to 210 watts end to end. UL listed for indoor and outdoor use

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