10MM 12 Volt 150' spool of Red LED Ropelight

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  • Red
  • Rope Light
  • 150' spool
  • .08 Watt
  • Connected with other rope lights up to 150'
  • 12 Volt
  • UL for Indoor/Outdoor use
  • 10 mm
Part Number: C-ROPE-LED-RE-1-10-12V
Availability: In Stock
This 150' spool of 12 Volt Red rope light uses latest generation LED bulbs, meaning it is more energy efficient than ever before! It can be formed into almost any shape. This makes it perfect for outlining wire frame sculptures, windows and doors. It is also a terrific alternative to neon tubing in night clubs, bars, and other places of business. Can be cut approximately every 36" for a near custom length, with a maximum single run of 150'. Includes its own accessories for mounting and cutting. UL listed for indoor and outdoor use. DC POWER ROPE LIGHT. NO POWER CORDS HOOKS DIRECTLY TO POWER!

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