240 Clear Incandescent Light Curtain with 1/4 Clear Twinkle Bulbs

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  • Clear 240 Points of Light
  • 1 in 4 Twinkles
  • 96" long and each drop is 72" long
  • 4" spacing between between drops
  • 12 bulbs on a drop
Part Number: WL-CUR240CL-IN-WTW
Availability: In Stock
Twinkling Incandescent light curtain with 240 clear lights. This set is 96" long, with each drop length 72" long. Each set contains twenty drops with 12 bulbs. There is 4" spacing between drops and 6" spacing between each bulb in each drop. There is a 12" lead from the plug to the first drop 6" tail after last drop.

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