30' Pink Cherry Tree with 96 LEDs
30' Pink Cherry Tree with 96 LEDs

30" Pink Cherry Tree with 96 LEDs

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  • 2-1/2 Cherry Tree
  • 96 LED Pink Lights. 96 Blossoms
  • Flexible Branches
  • Black Metal Base
Part Number: CH-96PI-30B
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Add a one of a kind piece to your home decor, with this whimsical Cherry tree. It's vibrant color can make quite a splash as part of Christmas decorations, yet the black trunk and lights would be a great Halloween accessory as well. It stands at approximately 2-1/2' tall and has pink LED lights embedded in each of the 96 blossoms. The trunk and branches are black with a solid metal base to keep it secure. The flexible branches allow you to easily shape the tree to your liking. Can be used alone or combined with other cherry trees to create a forest-like setting.

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