35 M5 Standard LED Colorwave Blue/Green Light String 4"Spacing

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  • Green M5 Lights
  • 22 Gauge
  • Green Wire
  • 12'
  • 4" Spacing
  • Indoor/Outdoor
Part Number: S-CM5BL/GR-4G
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Watch all the lights slowly fade between colors. A real attention getter. Standard color wave M5, LED blue/green faceted 35 lights green wire 22 gauge 4"spacing 12' long. Average power consumption is 0.071 watts/LED. Product can be connected up to 210 watts per plug. The bulbs/lenses are weatherproof and non-removeable or replaceable. If one goes out the rest stay on. Product is UL approved, has a one year limited warranty and is intended for temporary 90 day seasonal use. Light string has traditional stackable, end-to-end plugs.

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