1. Make snow globes using Mason Jars.  

Get some small trees from a craft store or create some snowmen using cotton balls.  Glue one or two to the inside of the Mason jar lid then glue fake snow to the inside of the lid so it doesn’t show when you assemble.  While the glue dries, fill Mason jar ¼ to ½ full with fake snow.  Mix in some glitter to make the snow glisten.  Once the glue is dry, secure the lid to the Mason jar.  Viola! Simple, beautiful handmade snow globes to incorporate into your holiday décor.

2. Wrap pictures from your wall with holiday wrapping paper.

You can add ribbons and bows for a little more fun, then simply hang back on your wall.  When the holiday season has passed, all you have to do is unwrap your wall ‘gifts’ and re-hang the pictures.  

3. Turn your kitchen cabinet doors into gorgeous packages.

Wrap ribbon with a large bow length-wise around the cabinet door.  When the door is shut, it looks like a beautifully wrapped present.

4. Create a glamorous table centerpiece using old bottles of different shapes/sizes.

Spray paint the (clean) bottles white or silver and sprinkle with glitter.  Once dry, place the bottles on a silver or white serving tray.  Add candles of different sizes or ornaments.  You could also sprinkle fake snow around the tray for a different look.

5. Spray paint some pine cones (one color per cone) white, red, green, gold, or silver.

Once dry, place the painted cones in a glass bowl, vase, or a basket and place on any table.