50 M5 Orange / Amber Light String, 3" Spacing on Black Wire

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  • Orange M5 Lights
  • 22 Gauge
  • Black Wire
  • 12.5'
  • 3" Spacing
  • Indoor/Outdoor
Part Number: S-50M5OR-3B
Availability: In Stock
Introducing the new mini light! With a diamond faceted lamp design, it emits a brilliant pattern of light which gives it a fantastic glow and brightness making it perfect for any location or application! Design to look like a traditional mini light, each set contains 50 points of light that stretches 12.5" long with a light every 3". Using substantially less power than the traditional incandescent set, connect up to 210 watts. UL listed for indoor and outdoor use. Each set is rated at 4.9 watts.

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