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8' Purple Gift Box with Green Bow, Photo Op

Your Price: $5,894.11
  • Photo Option
  • Small face opening or large opening on opposite side
  • Purple and Green
  • 8' tall
  • UV Stabilized for Indoor/Outdoor
Part Number: WL-GIFT-PO-PUGR-08
Availability: Call to Order 1-800-788-9627
Gifts come in all different shapes and sizes. Rectangles, Squares, boxes, wrapping paper, in bags, in paper, in the comics section and even in socks! Gifts are a part of Christmas tradition and come in so many ways. For a totally new take on gifts, that includes a personal touch wherever it goes, our photo-op 8' Gifts should do the trick. Snap a picture with people in the large opening or do a single in the small opening! People, couples or families, they can all get inside this enormous polyresin Gift box!

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