We searched high and low for an explanation of what Valentine’s Day means.  Yea, yea, there’s the whole St. Valentine’s Day Massacre thing; but we’re referring to today’s society!  February 14th, what does it mean, as a whole to our society today? 

Some people feel like Valentine’s Day has become a commercial holiday.  Look around any retail store after the first week of January, and you’d more than likely agree.  Cards, chocolates, jewelry, stuffed animals, the list goes on and on.  If you need gifts for your significant other for Valentine’s Day, there is no shortage of websites and stores, commercials and billboards, all around to give you a multitude of ideas.  And perhaps Valentine’s Day has become a mostly commercial holiday, but maybe it means a little more.  Perhaps this perspective comes from a generation that’s just becoming too cynical. 

Some have contended that, similar to the Christmas season becoming more a season of giving, the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day seem to be more about love.  Not just love for a significant other or love for your family members, but love and compassion for the human race in general.

If you happened to watch the Super Bowl this year, even McDonald’s has gotten in on the ‘spread some love’ spirit.  It seems that during random transactions across the nation, instead of monetary payment, patrons will be asked to pay in the form of ‘love’.  One example was a young man asked to call his mother and tell her how much he loves her.  Another scenario was a mother being asked to tell the McDonald’s cashier what she loves about her son, who’s at the restaurant with her.  This campaign will run from Feb 2nd – Feb 14th of this year.  How beautiful is this?  Instead of always focusing on the negativity of the world, or other people’s flaws (because we, as a society sure don’t want to work on our own flaws), this is a beautiful campaign to spread some love this Valentine’s season.

So this year, we challenge you.  You can surely look at Valentine’s Day as just another commercial attempt to generate spending (which is actually very healthy for a recovering economy), or you can choose to spread some love.  Call your mother and tell her how much you love her, tell your child one reason they make you proud to be their parent, share stories with a stranger over a cup of coffee just to expand your view of the world.  Life truly is all a matter of perspective