Battery LED lights offer significant advantages. Initial costs are only dollars more than traditional battery operated lights, but the savings are immediate. Within the first battery change, the advantages of LED lights are evident. Battery operated LED lights work on smaller and fewer batteries for 3 to 4 times as many hours as traditional lights, which means less money spent on battery replacements and less frustrations over constant battery changes. Although the most common use for Battery Operated LED’s is wreaths and garlands, the uses for these wonders are multiple. Since LED’s are not hot to touch, you can combine these battery operated lights with virtually any material to create a centerpiece. Centerpieces are great for everyday use, as well as special occasions such as weddings and holidays. Traditional centerpieces can become like-new or revamped with the addition of Battery Operated LED’s. When I was a kid, I always tried to find ways to stand out from the crowd (being an elf helped a little). If you have a child like me, you could attach a battery operated strand to their bicycle or backpack. Why not spell out their name in lights on their bedroom wall? Some people get into the Christmas spirit so much that they even place antlers and red reindeer noses on their vehicles. If you are one of those people, why not kick it up a notch! You can use battery operated lights to decorate your vehicle! Simply secure them to your roof or wrap them around your grill. We have barely scratched the surface with the multitude of uses for battery operated LED’s. We would love to hear your ideas! How are you using them?