Clear bulb ideas

Posted by Mama Kandy Kane on 3/6/2017 to DIY
When it comes to clear bulb Christmas ornaments there are so many different ideas to put inside them to add your own flare.  The first one I love so much. The first thing you do is buy some small peacock feather or and kind of feather you like and open the bulb and put one feather or even a couple feathers. Then put the cap back on and you have a cute ornament you can add the your tree or hang from anywhere for a cute decoration.
 The next one I think is cute is adding rope to the inside of a clear bulb. This would look great on a rustic Christmas tree or decorations for a rustic wedding.
One that you can use as a gift is add loose tea to the clear bulbs and hang them on your tree and wait till Christmas morning and make everyone their own special tea Christmas morning.
You can add bath salts to them and give as gifts for s cozy bath.
You can add hot coco mix and marshmallows and hang on tree for hot coco Christmas morning.
Bringing home a baby is a great thing and maybe you want to keep your baby's hat and bracelet from the hospital you can add them to the large clear bulbs to keep them forever. 
For the golfer in your life add golf tees to the clear bulb and have a golf themed Christmas tree.
Who can remember stringing popcorn for your tree as a child now you can add popcorn to the clear bulbs and hang them on your tree without the mess of popcorn everywhere and you don't have to worry about you animals getting it.
These are just a few of the ideas I thought was cute to use the clear bulbs for. Plus it's a great way to spend time with your family. Then you have the memories hanging on your tree or people will remember that special gift you made for them. You can find the clear bulbs at WINTERLANDINC.COM. 

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