We get tons of questions from our customers when they are preparing to order.  From how many lights to put on their Christmas tree to which ornament color combinations are best for their room, via email and phone, customers know we are here to help.  The most common question, however, is, “How do I use some of these wonderful products year-round?”  We have some answers for that one as well!

Small decorative touches can transform any room.  To help redefine your room, you’ll need a mason jar, some string lights, a hot glue gun, and some gemstones (you can find gemstones – flat on one side – at your local craft store).  Start by hot gluing the gemstones to the outside of the mason jar.  You could maintain a consistent pattern with gems of the same color and shape, or you could mix the gems up to make your own very unique creations.  Once the glue is dry, simply place the string lights inside the mason jar and place the lid on top.  You can display upside down, having placed gems on the bottom of the mason jar as well, or you could drill a hole in the bottom of the jar for the light cord and display with or without the lid.  Being a fairly inexpensive DIY, you could create several different jars to place in different rooms.

If you’ve ever watched any home improvement shows, you know that creating an accent wall is a great way to transform a room.  You can do this without all the hassle of painting!  Simply using square mirrors (we found some on Amazon), fishing line, guide wire, and string lights, you can create a fabulous accent wall in any room. Simply string the mirrors the length of the wall.  Place mirror strings approximately 3”-4” apart using guide wire at the ceiling and the floor.  Add strings of light between the mirror strings for the entire width of the wall.  You have created a fabulous accent wall that you can transform to suit your mood or the seasons by simply changing the light colors.

We love customer feedback, so please send us an email at [email protected] to share your DIY ideas or pictures of ideas you got from one of our blogs!