Father’s Day presents can get redundant as the years go by.  Tie’s, socks, and clothes get old.  This Father’s Day, why not get creative and do a DIY themed gift for your dad? 

New Themed Gifts

There are several themes you could choose from.  If your dad is a golfer, use golf balls, golf tees, even golf towels to create your theme.  Sports is another obvious choice.  You could create a sports theme using Nerf balls, jerseys, toy bats and balls, baseball (or basketball or football) cards, or any number of different sports-related items.  A fishing theme could include lures, hooks (if your item will be out of the reach of small children), plastic fish, etc. 

Themed Shadowboxes

You could create a themed shadowbox for dad.  Place the battery pack from battery operated string lights at the base of the shadowbox towards the back and secure with a silicone adhesive.  Toss in the themed items you've chosen and layer in the string lights to create a shadowbox dad is sure to want to display.

DIY Wreaths

Another themed DIY project could be a wreath.  You can get a pre-lit wreath, use ties (thrift stores sell neckties for very inexpensive) instead of ribbon, and then secure your themed items using zip ties.  This would be a fantastic alternative to just a necktie for Dad’s special day!

Themed Trees

If you’re thinking big, you could always decorate a themed tree.  Give that old artificial tree from the attic that’s doing nothing but collect dust until November some life in June!  Of course, if you don’t have one lying around, we have plenty of new ones to choose from.  Add some string lights in dad’s favorite color, use neckties (as suggested above with the wreath) instead of ribbon or garland, and secure your themed items with zip ties. 

Dad will surely be ecstatic that you've stepped outside the box to create something unique this Father’s Day.  Have other ideas for a themed Father’s Day you would like to share with our customers?  We always enjoy hearing from you.  Shoot us an email at [email protected]