Well, another holiday season has come and gone. This was a truly unbelievable year for Gift of Lights and we wanted you to know how much we appreciate everyone who came out to support us. We are doing our best to improve every year. We know there will be kinks along the way; but with cooperation from the venues, sponsors and of course, patrons, we’ll strive to make each year better than the last. Since we put the shows on for you, we would love your input! Please understand that we are limited as far as the venues are concerned. We can petition for things we think would benefit the experience, but unfortunately, the venue retains the right to veto our decisions. We promise to bring you the best experience we can within our capabilities! There is a lot of information to compile, but we should have final numbers by the end of January! We are just as anxious as you to see how much food and money was donated to local charities! The fact that proceeds help support some very worthy causes along with the smiles we see on children and adults alike as they drive through each course encourage us to keep up all the hard work to bring the shows to you. We look forward to seeing each of you again next year!! With any luck, there will be even more Gift of Lights locations next year!