Halloween Resins

Posted by Buddy The Elf on 10/1/2015 to Decor

Halloween is just around the corner.  This is, arguably, the second most decorated holiday next to Christmas.  Have you checked out the new life-size Halloween décor we got especially for that reason?  We chose our favorites to highlight for you, but make sure you check out ALL the new décor, proving once again that we’re not just a Christmas company!

What is Halloween without the Grimm Reaper?  This jack-o-lantern being held by this 4’ reaper could be staged as one of the most incredibly creepy, petrifying displays on your block!  Made of resin, it’s sure to withstand the elements for your outdoor display, or place it in the corner of a room inside for an even bigger scare factor!  He would also make a great addition to your haunted house!

Count Dracula is waiting to suck your blood!  He would be extremely terrifying if you saw him lurking in a dark place at your Halloween party.  Dracula hovers at a whopping 6’ tall and is made of resin, so he could be placed in the shadows of your outdoor display!

Last, but definitely not least frightening, Frankenstein is sure to be a perfect addition to your ghoulish display!  Frankenstein stands an astonishing 7’ tall!  That combined with his polyresin exterior make him hauntingly horrific for your outdoor Halloween décor! 

Any of these new items combined with our Halloween standby’s – spider, skull and pumpkin string lights, black and orange ornaments, lighted window displays, and dead trees – are sure to kick your Halloween display into high gear.  But we’re Christmas experts, not Halloween experts!  We would absolutely love your input and pictures for Halloween décor ideas.  Send us all your pictures to sales@WinterlandInc.com.  We look forward to hearing from you all and sharing your ideas with our other subscribers to help them with their displays!

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