Who says you have to wait until Christmas to adorn your house in lights? Halloween is just around the corner, and we can help. We have several Halloween options already; witches, pumpkins, mummies, and black cats to name just a few. But don’t let our line limit your imagination!! We’ll create whatever lighted Halloween display your mind can conjure up. Are you putting together a haunted house? Add a lighted display to enhance the scare factor. Hang a white sheet over a lighted ghost, floating through your venue. Heck, why not a family of floating ghosts? A family trip to the pumpkin patch can be a hassle. You have to bundle the kids up and drag them through the patch. Why not create a larger-than-life pumpkin patch in your front yard?! We can customize pumpkins of all sizes and colors. Get creative with your Halloween display and by the time Christmas gets here, you’ll be a pro!