You have got to see our new HoliSpheres!! These raw spheres are a dream for anyone with a hint of design or decorating skills. For those without a hidden decorator inside, we’ll offer some helpful suggestions. The white spheres could be used to create your very own Frosty the Snowman indoors; just wrap some white lights (on a white cord, of course) around the HoliSpheres, stack them in your entryway, add a hat and a scarf, and viola! You have your very own Frosty. He would make a great addition to a porch or entryway to welcome your holiday guests. You could add garland and some lights to the green HoliSpheres to create small holiday décor to place around your home. You could also stack them, two larger on bottom and smaller on top, to create a table top display in your living room or foyer. The brown HoliSpheres are the cream of the crop, however. With some lighting and twine, these could go anywhere in your home. You could add some tinsel to create beautiful decorations for around the base of the Christmas tree, fill them with ornaments and wrap them in lights to create one-of-a kind centerpieces for your holiday table, or add some lights and hang them from the porch to create beautiful ambiance every evening this winter. No matter how you decorate them, the HoliSphere is definitely a must-have for your holiday décor this year!