Life Size Holiday Figurines

Normal figurines just don’t make the cut, but Winterland Inc. has products that will dazzle you. Add a life size figurine to your display. Choose the figurine that best fits your theme. 
  • Christmas Benches Christmas Benches
    Fully functional and festive benches made out of polyresin, and reinforced with steel, make these benches of superior quality and design. Each one can sit multiple adults comfortably all while integrated Holiday decor theme adorns the entire surface of the bench. They are phenomenal photo-op pieces that include premier aesthetic Holiday decor in every inch.
  • Christmas Elves Christmas Elves
    Santa's helpers come to life, with life sized Elves designed to perfection. The detail in each piece reflects an elf in their cheerful state, doing a variety of actions. The exquisite elves are characterized by their soft faces, beautiful features, lifelike props, and their durable polyresin makeup.
  • Nutcrackers for Christmas Nutcrackers for Christmas
    We have brought Christmas Nutcrackers to a whole new dimension! These larger than life nutcrackers stand as tall as grown men, and larger. They are each styled to resemble Victorian style merged with stunning modern color palettes we have come to love. Their depth and durability make these Nutcrackers as precise as Nutcrackers that are a fraction of the size.
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WL-NUT-07 - 7' Nut Cracker
Preorder for 2017
In Stock
WL-ELF-BOY- Elf Family Son
In Stock
WL-ELF-GIRL- Elf Family Daughter
In Stock
WL-ELF-MA - Elf Family Mother
In Stock
WL-ELF-POINT-32 - 32
Preorder for 2017
WL-ICE-BLK - Ice Block Base
In Stock
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