2014 Gift of Lights Season

Posted by Buddy The Elf on 12/9/2014 to Nativity
It’s almost here!  The 2014 Gift of Lights season is almost upon us.  The Gift of Lights drive through light parks have been an incredible way for families to create memories, friends to bond, and our customers to get fun and exciting ideas for their own displays.

Summer Selections

Posted by Buddy The Elf on 7/22/2014 to Nativity
Food is obviously an important part of every season, but for most, summer food selections tend to be on the lighter side.  When you are on the go all the time with baseball games and outdoor activities, eating heavy just slows you down.  We found some amazing recipes to help you get through this summer without feeling like you've gained twenty pounds!!

Sensible Summer Sustenance

Posted by Buddy The Elf on 7/17/2014 to Nativity
Most folks these days are doing their best to make smarter dietary choices.  In the summer, with all the hustle and bustle of outside activities, this can be difficult.  We found some sensational summer recipes that you can substitute some of that fast food with.  These are easily transportable!!

Fresh Summer Recipes

Posted by Buddy The Elf on 6/29/2014 to Nativity
Need some new recipes to refresh your summer meal plans?  We found some tasty summer spectaculars to help you out!

Summer Salads

Posted by Buddy The Elf on 5/22/2014 to Nativity
With summer just around the corner, we wanted to find some easy, delicious recipes for you to make to go along with your busy lifestyles.  We hope you enjoy!

Memorial Day Menu

Posted by Buddy The Elf on 5/14/2014 to Nativity
Memorial Day means the beginning of summer, and nothing says summer like a good barbecue!!!  Although many people will barbecue year-round, summer brings out the griller in all of us – even the not-so-confident.  We found some fail-proof grilling recipes sure to make your Memorial Day barbecue a smash!

Gift of Lights End of Season

Posted by Buddy The Elf on 2/12/2014 to Lighting
Another season at Gift of Lights has come to a saddening close.  A tremendous amount of work goes into planning and setting up a light show; but every year, the incredible feedback from our guests makes the hard work seem miniscule!  Our loyal fans make every effort completely worth it.

New Years Appetizers

Posted by Buddy The Elf on 12/28/2013 to Nativity

Holiday 'Fluff'

Posted by Buddy on 12/22/2013 to Nativity
‘Tis the season…to put on a few extra pounds!!  After all, you need them to keep warm, right?  We thought we would help the cause with these wonderful recipes:

Peppermint Lane

Posted by Buddy on 12/20/2013 to Nativity
This time of year, peppermint is everywhere!!!  Candy canes have been associated with Christmas since approximately 1670!  Whatever the reason, we wanted to make sure you had plenty of peppermint recipes to get you through all your Christmas gatherings!!

Italian Meal

Posted by Buddy on 12/18/2013 to Nativity
This  week  transport your table to Italy with this delicious  three  course  Italian  dinner.  They are sure to make you feel  like you are dining in Italy.

Sweet Holiday Treats

Posted by Buddy on 12/16/2013 to Nativity
The holiday season is upon us, and no holiday would be complete without the addition of a few pounds!!  We thought we would contribute to the weight gain with some wonderful recipes.

Christmas Meal

Posted by Buddy on 12/12/2013 to Nativity
At Christmas dinner, anything goes. Be sure to add sugar and spice this holiday season to make everything nice. Everyone will be pleasantly surprised with these delicious Christmas recipes.

Fairy Tales

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Let us help you match your style,

And arrange your holiday bling.


Thanksgiving Meal

Posted by Buddy The Elf on 11/17/2013 to Nativity
Plan an unforgettable Thanksgiving Day feast by adding these new delicious recipes we found.  They will be sure to add some new spice to your traditional Thanksgiving day dinner.