Mothers everywhere have been receiving DIY gifts for Mother’s Day since before it was popular to DIY!  They accept even the worst projects with the biggest, most sincere smiles on their faces, because that’s what being a mom is all about.  Why not spice up your DIY game this year with one (or more) of these fabulous projects we've compiled for you.

A small, simple project would be to simply frame your mom’s vanity mirror in string lights.  Make sure mom ‘glows’ as she sits at her vanity preparing to face the day.  You can use mom’s favorite color lights or yours so she always thinks of you when they’re on.  You can change the lights out periodically to match her season in life.

Want a tougher project?  This one will be a glorious addition to any room in the house.  Transform a room divider into something spectacular!!  You can probably find a room divider at your local used furniture or thrift shop.  Simply remove the panels and paint the frame in mom’s favorite color.  While the paint dries, collect some fallen limbs to replace the panels you just removed.  Cover the limbs in lights and secure them (with liquid adhesive) to the frame of the room divider.  This will provide an elegant new focal point for the bedroom or living room.  One variation would be to spray paint the limbs.  You could add ornaments to the limbs for some depth.  There are multiple ways you could spruce this project up.  Get creative!!

Have you made a spectacular DIY project using some of our products that would make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts?  Send us pictures at [email protected].  We would love to share them with our other loyal customers!  Maybe their mother would like your idea better than one of ours!