In our last decorating blog, we made homemade snow globes, wrapped pictures, created presents from kitchen cabinets, made a centerpiece from empty bottles, and painted pine cones to create a stunning holiday display! We hope you are ready for more fabulous decorating ideas, because we are bursting at the seams to share them with you!! Put your DIY caps back on. We’ll start with a very simple, economical way to hang your stockings. You will only need two stocking hangers (the one’s you typically hang your stockings on from a mantle). Place one on each end of the mantle, add a standard curtain rod, and hang as many stockings as you wish. Create a decorative snowman for your dining room, entry way, or to place on a table. All you will need are three different sizes of fish bowls (which can typically be found for cheap at your local Goodwill). Place fake snow in each fish bowl, about half full. Add some small accessories of your choice (tiny snowmen, tiny pine trees, animals, etc.). The next step is to stack the fish bowls largest on bottom, then place a sock hat on top of the smallest bowl. The finished product is an elegant indoor snowman that you can keep up until well after Christmas if you wish. The next project is a Jingle Bell Shadowbox. Find an inexpensive shadowbox at a local second hand shop or Goodwill store. Glue some festive scrapbook paper to the backing (You can purchase by the page at most craft stores). Now fill your shadowbox one-quarter to half full with jingle balls. Next, place stencil letters and spell out something creative like, “Jingle all the way” on the front. The final step, find a beautiful ribbon that matches your scrapbook paper and glue to the outer frame, tie a bow at the top, and your finished product is a cute décor idea for any room in the house. You could recreate this for other holidays, also. By just changing the contents, the paper on the back, and the color of the bow, you can create ‘new’ décor for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or for any holiday you choose to decorate your home. The next décor idea is super simple. Purchase some inexpensive white, green, or red pillar candles from your local dollar store. Next time you are at the grocery store, pick up a container of cinnamon sticks. With a glue gun, place the cinnamon sticks around the pillar candle, tie a ribbon around the cinnamon sticks, and you have created a gorgeous centerpiece. Combine two or three candles on a platter (you can purchase inexpensive holiday platters at most Dollar Stores) to create different looks. Last but not least today, we’re going to tackle a snowman to hang from the front door as an alternative to a wreath. Start with three Styrofoam balls approximately 2”, 3”, and 4”. Cut them in two equal halves (so they’ll hang flatter against your door). Wrap half of each ball with white yarn, and when you’ve completed wrapping a half ball in each size, hot glue them with the smallest on top and largest on bottom. Hot glue some large buttons on the middle (or middle and large if you prefer). You can find some inexpensive burlap ribbon at Walmart to create a scarf for your snowman. Using 20 gauge wire, wrap some wire around an object of your choosing (children’s blocks work well) multiple times until you have created a hat to place on your snowman. You could also use a child’s stocking hat or a sock. Using the same 20 gauge wire, bend and twist to create some arms that you can just poke into your Styrofoam balls. Your finished project is an adorable snowman. Get crafty and personalize any way you choose. Put your own twist on any of the above suggestions and share your finished products with us! We would love to see what you come up with!