Hopefully, everyone had a very happy holiday.  Just because Christmas is over, though, doesn’t mean that the light parks are yet.  They will still be open for another full week.  That means for all the people who did not get a chance to check them out before Christmas still have a chance.  Whether you meant to and didn’t have time, or are simply still fired up with the holiday spirit, get your tickets right away!

     For those of you who still haven’t heard of light parks, they are absolutely gorgeous areas created with millions of LED lights.  The parks are set up so that you and your family can drive through them.  It is a great way to spend time with your loved ones while also saving some money.  Check out this montage that was created to give you an idea of what you can expect:


Last month, PRLog.com wrote an article about the must-do holiday events in the Lake Region.  They listed The Gift of Lights at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway as one of them.  Here is a link to that article:


     You can find out more information about each park on their respective websites:






If you want to know the schedule of events left for the year at the light parks, simply check out the FaceBook page of the parks’ builder:


     For any questions about the parks or for information on tickets and pricing, you can send a message to [email protected] and someone will get back to you shortly.  There is only ONE WEEK left to check out these light parks, so be sure to get tickets while they are still available.