Nowadays ornaments aren't just for Christmas. Which is, unfortunately, the preconceived notion most people have set in their minds about Christmas bulb ornaments. Don't set limitations on using ornaments only at Christmas time!

We are here to disprove that theory, and hopefully, open your mind to multiple other possibilities. They are endless believe me!

Winterland Inc, believes decor is for everyday of the year. There is always something that you can be decorating for. 

Year-Round Ornamental Cheer 

Using hot glue or silicone adhesive, our various sizes and colors of bulb ornaments can become stunning creations year-round. Consider a giant heart for Valentine’s Day, a shamrock on St. Patrick’s Day, a flag for Memorial Day or Independence Day, a jack-o-lantern for Halloween, a pumpkin or gourd for Thanksgiving. 

Team Names & Favorite Colors

Spell out team names in team colors, spell out a child’s name (or yours!) using their favorite colors. There are so many possibilities if you use your imagination. 

Seasonal Shadow Boxes

Fill a shadow box from your local thrift store with pastel ornaments and Easter grass to display at Easter; or leave the grass out to display for the welcoming of spring. You could do the same for any time of year, actually. Orange and brown ornaments for fall would work well in a shadow box with some pine cones. 

Ornamental Centerpieces

The same is true for centerpieces made of ornaments. Using any size/shape glass container, fill with ornaments of various sizes to create a centerpiece that fits the season/holiday. As with the shadow box, you can add touches from nature; pine cones, small twigs, straw, etc. to add depth to the look.

Room Dividers & Wall Hangings

Need a room divider, or just a new and exciting wall hanging? Drill a small hole in both sides of ornaments and string them with fishing wire to your desired length. Hang several strings side-by-side to create a ‘curtain of ornaments’, or a wall hanging that is sure to spark conversation! 

Decorate all year long! Has this blog sparked your inner DIY passions? Maybe you already decorate using ornaments all year! We would love to hear from you and share your ideas with our readers! Visit WINTERLANDINC.COM