Ornaments are not just for trees anymore.  With a little creativity, you can transform your entire home using ornaments of different shapes and sizes.

Why not get creative with your décor using ornaments?

String some ornaments with fish line and hang in your window, from the ceiling, or from the banister.  Create a centerpiece for your holiday table by combining candles and  ornaments of different shapes, colors and sizes.  Use a holiday bowl or punch bowl as a base and strategically place ball ornaments, forming a tree.  Hang ornaments from the chandelier with matching ribbon.

You can change the theme in any décor just by changing the style/color of the ornaments.

Choose from round, finial, sparkle, smooth, candy, small, large…the options are limitless.  Are your wreaths or trees uninteresting?  Create new décor by changing or adding ornaments.

Create a different theme in each room using ornaments.

Place small trees in bedrooms and let the children choose their own ornament shapes and colors.  Decorate the tree in the living room together, combining the different themes into the family tree.  Place a small tree in the dining room using smaller ornaments that match the theme of the room.  Place a tree in the entryway welcoming guests with yet another theme.

Create a theme with a wreath as well.

Add different ornaments to different wreaths.  If you would rather not have a tree in each child’s room, you can create the same holiday ambiance with a properly decorated wreath.  We can create a wreath out of any of our ornaments; just tell us what color/style and we’ll create a beautiful, welcoming ornament wreath your guests will be envious of.

Share your thoughts!

The holiday décor in your home is only as limited as your imagination.  Need some inspiration?  Visit our website, or simply give us a call and we’ll be glad to help inspire your holiday creativity.