Hosting an event can be tough. From setting up a theme to food arrangements, a lot of stuff goes in organizing a successful event.

Having props and displays at your event can take it to the next level. We, at Winterland INC, offer a variety of them for all kinds of parties and functions.

With masterful artistic genius, our props and displays are handcrafted with resin or fiberglass. From

stirring interesting conversations to impress your guests, these props and displays can serve many functions.

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing options at our online store:

French Lily

French Lily or fluer-de-lis has been used as a decorative design for centuries. What makes the French lily so unique and historic is how it has been used in different contexts, such as those of war, religion, politics, royalty, etc.

The French lily prop offered by Butlers and Signs can be a great addition to your

Large Eye Clock

Wall clocks are typically boring—but they don’t have to be that way. We at Butlers and Signs provide this remarkable eye clock with numbers inside the iris.

Not only is it fun to look at, it’s also very functional (it comes with a battery). Have this eye clock and impress your guests!

Brown Dachshund

The dachshund can be both fun and tough. It is a short-legged, long-bodied creature. According to historical records, it has been theorized that dachshunds were bred this way so that they can easily move inside dens and tunnels to catch prey for hunters.

This life size dachshund statue can be a unique addition to your collection. Handcrafted with resin, the statue has realistic features. You can have it for display and impress your guests.

Frog on Hammock Drinking Cola

With one side attached to a tree and the other side with a cola, the frog certainly seems to be enjoying himself on a hammock. With a relaxed posture and drinking from a straw, the frog is as stylish as it gets.

Designed with immaculate details, this display can be an amazing addition to your event. What’s more, it can also be a great conversation piece.

The Singing Quartet

Specifically designed for a jazz-themed event, this is sure to impress your guests.

The life size statue has been designed with singers in action. With immaculate precision to details, this piece is nothing short of artistic.

Impressed with these props and displays? Want to explore more? Browse through our online store and find some of the other amazing props and displays along with life size statues.