Snow can be such a beautiful thing.  The way it just drifts down from the sky so slowly and peacefully makes it very enjoyable to watch.  You can build stuff with it and have loads of fun.  It is no wonder every year many people wish for a “White Christmas”.  But what a pain it is to clean up!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to enjoy all of the beauty of snowfall whenever you want without any of the hassle?  Thanks to the snowfall strings on All THings Christmas and More, that is no longer just a dream; it is a wonderful reality.

     The snowfall strings currently available are simply gorgeous.  They are loaded with many LED lights which helps to make each strand super bright.  When plugged in, the lights work together to create a repeating snowfall effect, starting at the top of the strand and working downward.  These lights can be used by themselves or as a great way to accent any holiday or winter themed display.  There are a few different color and bulb count varieties available. 

     On top of these wonderful features, the LED snowfall strings also enjoy all of the benefits that general LED lights have.  They are cool burning, use very little power (significantly less than incandescent lighting), last a very long time and are extremely difficult to break.  The last perk is especially important with the snowfall strings because although they are UL listed for both indoor and outdoor use, they are most commonly used outdoors.  They can be hung from awnings, gutters, banisters, roofs and in windows. 

You can check them out for yourself by typing “SNO-“ in the search box at the top of the screen and they will all pop up.  One of the styles is actually on sale now.  If you have any questions about these snowfall strings, or any other products, just send an e-mail to [email protected]  and someone from the company will get back to you soon with all the assistance you need.