The stage has now been set for Super Bowl XLVI, which is scheduled for February 5, 2012.  It will be the NFC Champions, the New York Giants, taking on the AFC Champions, the New England Patriots.  Millions and millions of people will be tuning in for the most talked about and most watched sporting event of the year.  It is also one of the most popular reasons to throw a party.  No matter which team is your favorite, has lights that are suited for you.  Get all your lights now while there is still plenty of time before the big game day.

     Both the New York Giants and the New England Patriots share a very similar color pallet.  No matter which team is your big to win, you will want blue lights, white lights, and red lights.  You can spell out the word “GIANTS” in red lights or make a big white star for the Patriots.  There are many different things you can do with so many light styles available to you.  There are M5 “mini-ice” lights, 5MM “polka-dot” lights, C6 lights, C7 lights, C9 lights, G12 “globe” lights, icicle lights, and commercial grade lights.

Rope lighting is a spectacular choice because it is so malleable.  You can bend and twist it into almost any shape, and hold it in place with easy to apply rope light clips.  Rope lighting is currently available in both incandescent and LED varieties.  They work great at home or in the office, and are perfect for commercial areas such as bars, stores and shopping malls.

Even if neither team is your favorite, EVERYONE picks a side when it comes to the Super Bowl.  Show your support for the team you want to take home the championship and throw the party that everyone will be talking about.  If you have any questions about the availability of these lights or any other item, just send an e-mail to [email protected] and someone will get back to you with all the help you need.