Throughout my many years in school and now that my daughter is in school I loved and love all the different ideas teachers and school come up with to make each classroom a little unique.  When it comes to the options of decorations WINTERLANDINC.COM has so many different  items that can be used for a classroom. They have clear plastic bulbs in a few different shapes that can be used to make unique projects for any age class.  I know I have personally used them by taking the lid off and adding a few pieces of different color crayons, then taking a blow dryer melt the crayon but not to much that they completely  melt. Then you want to take the bulb and twirl it around and make a very unique ornament. Obviously you want to then put the cap of the ornament and put in a safe place to cool. Each one will come out very different depending on the colors of crayons that are used.  You can do this for different holidays and only use the crayons that coordinate with each holiday.  They could make great Valentine's Day gifts that children can give to someone specials. I love the way Metallic sharpie markers look on these ornaments and the name or date would go perfect on these.  There are also so many different lighting options from rope lighting to icicle lighting. With so many different lighting options and the ease of putting them up in a classroom who doesn't want to add a little cheer to every child's day.  WINTERLANDINC.COM also ha ssome very awesome benches that would look great as school benches especially ones with say a polar bear. I know many elementary schools still do carpet time or they have a quiet reading area where they have a nice cozy place to sit or lay and read. I would highly recommend the furry throws that the website has available are a complete delight I have a few of them and my kids love them so much.  This is just an all around great website to find unique thing for a school or classroom from the lighting options to statues. Dont be scared find something that makes your classroom everyone's favorite palace to be.