Looking for a unique idea for your child’s birthday party decorations? Think candy!!! We have a large selection of candy ornaments in a wide variety of sizes. From centerpieces to life-size candy pieces, you can make your child’s birthday candylicious!! Using our smaller candy ornament collection, you can easily assemble centerpieces for the various tables. Simply place several ornaments into glass containers (you can usually find glass containers at thrift stores very inexpensively). Make the present table or cake table stand out by adding battery operated lights to this centerpiece. The larger ornaments will make great decorations, possibly at the four corners of the room. You could also use larger ornaments as props for picture opportunities. The medium ornaments can be hung from ceilings or at the ends of tables. Get really creative and DIY a CandyLand board on the floor from table to table! Each table could have it’s own theme such as chocolate, lollipop, gumdrops, etc. Let your imagination run wild, and if you need some help, give us a call!