There are so many tree options when considering decorating for the holiday season. We offer Sequoia trees that look real, ornament ball trees in any color you request, white Christmas trees, and animated cone trees that ‘dance’ to music. All are beautiful options, it really is just a matter of personal preference. Our premium Sequoia trees look real because we use the best materials while at the same time incorporating subtle colors to mimic textures of nature. Their natural appearance makes them stand out from other artificial Christmas trees. Enjoy all of the benefits of a real looking Christmas tree without any of the hassle or upkeep of a live tree. The foliage is flame retardant and the needles are specially made to be both fade and crush resistant. The trees are available with warm white LED lights pre-installed on the tree. LED lights are Durable and efficient using 90% less power than incandescent lighting. Trees can be used both indoors and outdoors. Trees range in size from 6' tall to 20' tall. Our opulent ornament ball trees are covered in different shapes and sizes of shatterproof ornaments. The tree is a completed decoration, simply place the tree wherever you want. It works exceptionally well in well-lit areas as the light will bounce off of the ornaments. It is also a great accessory for any space. The tree is large enough to make an impact in commercial or residential areas. Sizes range from 2' through 8' tall. Winterland is also able to customize and make these trees as large as you need them. Want a different look this year? White Christmas trees offer an alternative to the traditional evergreen tree. Premium quality, top of the line pre-lit artificial Christmas trees range from 6’ through 12’ tall. Bathed in winter white, these Christmas trees stand radiant in any location. Decorate with a cluster of snow-white trees to create a breathtaking wonderland. This white Christmas tree casts a celestial glow over the room and is stunning to look at. It is pre-lit with 5MM conical style Warm White LED lenses, which are extremely durable and use much less power than other lighting. They come with their own metal tree stand properties. All of the branches are UV protected, fade proof and crush resistant. Ranging from 6' through 15', these trees make a great statement. While we have you thinking outside the box, consider an animated cone tree of lights. We can program these glorious displays to ‘dance’ to Christmas music for a wonderful animated show. There are so many options to choose from, maybe this is the year you decide to do a different style tree for each room. Let the kids decorate a room and choose the tree style they prefer. We can customize them however you would like.