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Who loves christmas ornaments? I know I do. So lets talk about some wonderful ornaments this company has. There is currently a huge selection available of solid color, shatterproof Christmas ornaments.  Among this selection are many different styles including traditional Christmas balls, onions, and finials, along with different options of rigid edges or smooth edges.  There are so many colors to choose from as well that you are simply guaranteed to find something that works with whatever particular Christmas display you were planning on setting up this year.

Big trees

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WINTERLANDINC.COM commercial Christmas trees are the perfect holiday decoration for businesses, malls, and public spaces. There are a variety of sizes and styles to choose from which will fit virtually any need. The commercial trees start at heights of 14 feet and can exceed heights of 100 feet. I am in love with the tall trees. Just looking up at all the beauty is amazing. 

Ornaments 365

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Now days ornaments aren't just for Christmas. Unfortunately, when it comes to Christmas bulb ornaments, most people have set limitations in their minds that they can only be used at Christmas to decorate your tree. We are here to disprove that theory, and hopefully, open your mind to multiple other possibilities. They are endless believe me!

Christmas on a budget

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 I don't know anyone who dont decorate at least a little for the holidays With so many people struggling economically, the approaching holidays can cause added stress. With holiday entertaining and presents for the kids, who even wants to think about decorating?! Well, decor doesn’t have to add financial stress! Below are some tips for creating gorgeous trees – indoor and outdoor- with items you probably already have around the house. So lets see where to begin.


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Some people can't help but love snow. Are you one of those people that loves the snow? You know the kind; it’s summer time and they cannot stop talking about how much they wish it was winter so they could enjoy the snow. If that’s not you, you probably have a friend who enjoys the snow. Well, if you can’t get enough or know someone who can’t get enough, you need to go look at our snowfall string lights.


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If you are looking for wonderful lights for your wedding you are in the right place. Your Wedding Celebration Can Shine With Wedding Lights That Are Pure White.White Wedding Lights Make The Wedding Celebration Bright. White wire string lights are ideal for adding a touch of atmosphere to any Wedding celebration.To Add A Touch Of Whimsy To The Wedding Celebration. Many other colors are also here if you are looking to add a little color to your special day.

Life Size

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Have you considered using life size figurines to enhance your holiday decor? Life size figurines can add that extra pop to your holiday display, allowing you to stand out from everyone else. There are so many different options when it comes to life size figures.  Who wants to have the same display year after year? It’s time to mix things up!

Icicle Lights

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Icicle lights remain one of the most popular lighting styles.They now come in many different colors and styles.  They capture the same elegance and beauty as traditional Christmas lights do, yet at the same time possess a special icicle look that really sets the mood for any holiday or winter display. 

Decor is more

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A lot of people think that simply putting up some lights counts as decorating. There is so much more to décor than just throwing some lights up or throwing a wreath on your door. Decor  involves style, flair, positioning, and combining those lights with other decorative items such as sculptures, motifs, and figurines. If you can take all of these things and put them together in the right way to complement each other and create an entire theme, then you will have achieved decor. Everyone will be talking about your beautiful house and how you did it.

St. Patrick's Day

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St. Patrick’s Day occurs annually on March 17 in observance of the death of St. Patrick the patron saint of Ireland. On this day you can see lots of green everywhere from clothes to green beer. WINTERLANDINC.COM has green lights and ornaments that would go great with any St Patrick's day celebration. 


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When you think of decorating for Christmas many people think of tress and lights on and around your house but we don't want to forget about our doorways or entry ways.  There are many different options to choose from when it comes to decorations that you put in these areas.

Clear bulb ideas

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When it comes to the clear bulbs that winterlandinc offers there are many things you can do with these. Whether you want your kids to help create these or you want to make them as gifts the ways you can uses these bulbs are never ending. I'm very excited to share some great ideas with everyone.


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Teachers do you decorate your classroom? I know many teachers that decorate their classrooms for each very different holiday. I know the website WINTERLANDINC.COM has many things for sale that can be of great use when getting a classroom ready.


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I know many of us are sad that the holidays are over because we love to decorate. Guess what you can also decorate for any holiday you want to with all the great thing at WINTERLANDINC.COM. You are only a couple clicks away from finding the perfect wreath for any Holiday.

Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments

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What does it mean when it says shatterproof ornament. Do they break? I'm going to give you a little information on shatterproof ornaments and why they are different. Also Winterlandinc.com has many options when it comes to shatterproof ornaments.