Halloween Light Shows

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Outdoor displays are not just for Christmas! Lights can be programmed to ‘dance’ to music, and many of us have seen it in Christmas displays; but this incredible animation is not some special Christmas extravaganza!! Why not make your house the spookiest ever by ‘dancing’ to creepy Halloween music?


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You have got to see our new HoliSpheres!! These raw spheres are a dream for anyone with a hint of design or decorating skills. For those without a hidden decorator inside, we’ll offer some helpful suggestions.

Decorating Tips

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5 Quick Decorating Tips

Be a Volunteer at Glittering Lights Las Vegas

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Help make Glittering Lights an amazing experience for others, help be a volunteer! We are looking for volunteers who are willing to give time and/or services to benefit others.

Glittering Lights Avenue of Trees

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The Avenue of Trees is an exciting addition to Glittering Lights. We will be honoring dozens of local charities that have benefited from Glittering Lights by providing them with a pre-lit tree. We will then invite the charities to decorate their trees to further educate people about ...

Intro to Light Parks.

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Are you looking for a terrific way to spend time with your family but do not have the funds to go away on a vacation? If so, you are not alone. With the economy in the state that it is in, millions of Americans exchanging the traditional family vacation with a Staycation! So why not take your family to a light park? Light parks are fun, exciting, and a fairly new trend that are catching on across the country. They are an inexpensive way to bring the whole family together.

DIY Holiday Trees

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With so many people struggling economically, the approaching holidays can cause added stress. With holiday entertaining and presents for the kids, who even wants to think about decorating?! Well, décor doesn’t have to add financial stress! Below are some tips for creating gorgeous trees – indoor and outdoor- with items you probably already have around the house. Put on your DIY hats and come along for the ride.

Facts of Glittering Lights

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Glittering Lights at Las Vegas Motor Speedway is Nevada's largest drive-through Christmas light show with millions of LED lights and hundreds of sparkling light displays. Glittering Lights is back for its 13th season and its third year at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. With more than


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“Retrofit” replacement bulbs are the energy-saving solution to your existing incandescent displays and installations. Obviously, they are also perfect for creating new lighting features that will last a long time and be friendly to your electric bill. These revolutionary LED bulbs have traditional sized bases that screw into existing sockets, so there is no additional hardware required to switch over. And now, these bulbs are completely dimmable.

Fun Facts of Glittering Lights

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Glittering Lights features:

· Approximately 2 million twinkling lights

o If the lights were laid out in a row it would measure 3,000 miles

o This would light 111 Rockefeller Center Christmas Trees in New York City

· Glittering Lights is a 2.5 mile drive

· 450 animated light displays

· Avenue of Trees with over 55 Christmas Trees

· The world’s largest ...

Glittering Lights Charity

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Charity is extremely important to the staff of Glittering Lights. We are thankful for the opportunity to continue our partnership with some outstanding Las Vegas area charities that have been helping the community for years. A portion of the profits from Glittering Lights will go to support these charities.

Gifts of Lights accepting nominations for deserving families to bless with Gifts of Christmas

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October 17, 2012 - As the holiday season approaches, Gift of Lights wants to bless several deserving families in the North Texas area with Gifts of Christmas.

Each family selected will receive a complimentary family 4-Pack of tickets, including admission into Gift of Lights at Texas Motor Speedway, a gift card provided by Tom Thumb to purchase the holiday dinner, and a free ....


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Ornaments are not just for trees anymore. With a little creativity, you can transform your entire home using ornaments of different shapes and sizes.

Light the Holiday Spirit

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The holiday season is quickly approaching!! We are making all the preparations to make this the best holiday season ever with the Gift Of Lights!!

Light Park Anticipation

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With just a month until the opening of the first light park for the 2012-2013 season, there is much anticipation in the air. Those following us on Twitter and Pinterest along with frequent visitors to our Gift of Lights website are all anxiously awaiting the opening! For those who have visited one of our many Light Parks, the anticipation comes from the knowledge that they truly are one of the most spectacular holiday traditions you can create.