Light Parks Now Open

Posted by Buddy on 11/18/2011 to Lighting
Five of the seven light parks are already open.  They are a big success and simply beautiful to gaze upon.  If you have not had the chance to check them out yet, you should definitely make a point to.  There is still plenty of time to see the ones that are open, and you can pre-order tickets for the other two.

Light Parks Making A Buzz

Posted by Buddy on 11/11/2011 to Lighting
There is a lot of excitement brewing over the light parks, which are all scheduled to be opening in just a couple of weeks!

Light Parks Opening Soon!!!

Posted by Buddy on 11/2/2011 to Lighting
There are seven light parks that have been built throughout the United States, and they are all going to be opening very soon! The parks have been built with great care to create a beautiful and fun environment that you can your family can enjoy. They are a terrific, low cost way to spend quality time with someone you care about without it emptying your wallet. They are almost completed, and each one has its own significance.