Get Ready for Valentine’s Day

Posted by Buddy on 1/31/2012 to Lighting
     Valentine’s Day is a very special day of the year when we celebrate love. It is just under a month away, making this a great time to start getting ready. has a lot of different red and pink Valentine’s Day lights available to not only get you started, but to help you finish all of your Valentine’s Day needs.

Super Bowl Party Lights

Posted by Buddy on 1/30/2012 to Lighting
      The stage has now been set for Super Bowl XLVI, which is scheduled for February 5, 2012. It will be the NFC Champions, the New York Giants, taking on the AFC Champions, the New England Patriots. Millions and millions of people will be tuning in for the most talked about and most watched sporting event of the year. It is also one of the most popular reasons to throw a party. No matter which team is your favorite, has lights that are suited for you. Get all your lights now while there is still plenty of time before the big game day.

Winter Floral Designs

Posted by Buddy on 1/27/2012 to Decor
There are very few things that spruce up any area and give it a feeling of home like a floral arrangement. Unfortunately, all flowers require some type of maintenance and a lot of people are either allergic to them or bothered by the smell. All of the ones available on are artificial plants and completely allergin free. There is also absolutely no maintenance required.

Retrofits for Winter

Posted by Buddy on 1/26/2012 to Lighting
     Even though the holidays are over, many people like to keep their Christmas lights up throughout the winter. Unfortunately, the winter weather can be rough on lights, particularly incandescent lights. That is where LED retrofit replacement bulbs come in handy. With so many styles and advantages to retrofits, you are guaranteed to find something to help keep the lights on all winter long.

Snowfall Strings

Posted by Buddy on 1/25/2012 to Lighting
  Snow can be such a beautiful thing. The way it just drifts down from the sky so slowly and peacefully makes it very enjoyable to watch. You can build stuff with it and have loads of fun. It is no wonder every year many people wish for a “White Christmas”. But what a pain it is to clean up! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to enjoy all of the beauty of snowfall whenever you want without any of the hassle?

Commercial Grade And Standard Grade

Posted by Buddy on 1/24/2012 to Lighting
When it comes to Christmas lighting, there is simply no comparison between LEDs and anything else. LED lights are hands down the most durable and the best bargain of all lighting. The bulbs on LED lights are extremely hard to break, they use much less power than other lighting types and they have cool burning bulbs. The only real question you need to ask yourself is if you need standard grade LED lights or some of the commercial grade ones

Great Items On Sale

Posted by Buddy on 1/20/2012 to Lighting
There are a lot of wonderful deals going on right now at All Things Christmas and More. Some terrific items are on sale and it is a great opportunity for you to take advantage of these wonderful prices. There is still plenty of time left for winter, so they can be used all winter long. You may also want to get them while they are cheaper, and save them for later in the year. Either way, you owe it to yourself to get these hot items now at reduced prices while you still can.