Start Your Taste Buds For Spring

Posted by Buddy The Elf on 3/27/2014 to DIY
Spring is just around the corner, and most of us are more than ready for it!  We wanted to offer you some fabulous Spring recipes to get you – and your taste buds – ready for Spring.

Freezing For Summer

Posted by Buddy The Elf on 3/25/2014 to DIY
Sitting by the pool, or feet in the sand, who isn’t looking forward to Summer?  What’s better in the scorching heat of Summer than frozen drinks?  We found some tasty drinks (kid friendly) to help put you in a Summer sort of mind!

Enough Winter Already

Posted by Buddy The Elf on 3/13/2014 to Decor
Having lived in the Midwest for my entire life, I am used to snow and ice in winter.  However, I must admit that this winter has been one of the snowiest, iciest, coldest winters I can remember; and I am so ready for spring!! I have been allowing my mind to wander to all things spring throughout the days just to keep my sanity.  I thought I would share some of these spring ideas with you in hopes that they can pull someone else out of a cold, dreary slump.

Rustic Design

Posted by Buddy The Elf on 3/10/2014 to Decor
Miriam-Webster defines rustic as ‘of, relating to, or suitable for the country or people who live in the country’.   So we searched far and wide to find the best for you in rustic décor.  You can turn any room rustic just by changing or adding a few pieces.