DIY Christmas Decorations

Posted by Buddy on 4/27/2013 to Decor
Here is a great idea for Christmas trees that can be used as centerpieces or to adorn an entryway table. Start by hot gluing a piece of wood, approximately 1” to 2” tall and just smaller than the width of a foam cone, to the bottom of the cone. Glue popsicle sticks in layers around the cone, overlapping the layer below. (The popsicle sticks could be painted any color to match your décor in that room or stand out as a centerpiece.) It will take approximately 6-10 layers to cover the cone, depending on how far you layer them over the last layer and how tall the cone is. Allow the glue to dry, then place wherever you want to add a little touch of Christmas. If painting the glue sticks first, make sure the paint is dry before you start gluing to the cone.

Commercial Grade vs. Standard Grade

Posted by Buddy on 4/17/2013 to Lighting
The two main types of string lights are commercial grade and standard grade. Having no prior knowledge that there even was a difference, coupled with the fact that the two look almost identical, I thought there might be other people just like me out there! For this reason alone, I sought a lesson on the matter so I could pass the knowledge on to our fans.

Year-Round Ornaments

Posted by Buddy on 4/11/2013 to Decor
Unfortunately, when it comes to Christmas bulb ornaments, most people have set limitations in their minds that they can only be used at Christmas to decorate your tree. We are here to disprove that theory, and hopefully, open your mind to multiple other possibilities.

Battery Operated LED's

Posted by Buddy on 4/1/2013 to Lighting
Battery LED lights offer significant advantages. Initial costs are only dollars more than traditional battery operated lights, but the savings are immediate. Within the first battery change, the advantages of LED lights are evident. Battery operated LED lights work on smaller and fewer batteries for 3 to 4 times as many hours as traditional lights, which means less money spent on battery replacements and less frustrations over constant battery changes.