Mother's Day

Posted by Buddy The Elf on 4/22/2014 to Lighting
Mothers everywhere have been receiving DIY gifts for Mother’s Day since before it was popular to DIY!  They accept even the worst projects with the biggest, most sincere smiles on their faces, because that’s what being a mom is all about.  Why not spice up your DIY game this year with one (or more) of these fabulous projects we've compiled for you.


Posted by Buddy The Elf on 4/18/2014 to Lighting
We love to share DIY project ideas, but our absolute favorite projects are the ones specifically for children.  Children are the human light in our ever so dark world, so when we can help you create projects that make your children ‘light up’ with joy, everything else we do seems pale in comparison.  This special project is sure to be a hit!  It would be a perfect addition to a play room or your child’s bedroom.  If you've got a new bundle of joy on the way, this would be the perfect project for the nursery.

Christmas At Easter

Posted by Buddy The Elf on 4/3/2014 to Decor
Easter is a wonderful holiday for decorating!  Eggs, bunnies, and pastels all scream Spring – and Spring does bring a freshness with it.  There are so many ways to decorate for Easter, but one thing we pride ourselves on is the ability to help you think outside the box!  Try one (or more) of these wonderful ideas to hop into your Easter!!