Christmas on a budget

Posted by Mama Kandy Kane on 4/26/2017 to Decor
 I don't know anyone who dont decorate at least a little for the holidays With so many people struggling economically, the approaching holidays can cause added stress. With holiday entertaining and presents for the kids, who even wants to think about decorating?! Well, decor doesn’t have to add financial stress! Below are some tips for creating gorgeous trees – indoor and outdoor- with items you probably already have around the house. So lets see where to begin.


Posted by Mama Kandy Kane on 4/21/2017 to Lighting
Some people can't help but love snow. Are you one of those people that loves the snow? You know the kind; it’s summer time and they cannot stop talking about how much they wish it was winter so they could enjoy the snow. If that’s not you, you probably have a friend who enjoys the snow. Well, if you can’t get enough or know someone who can’t get enough, you need to go look at our snowfall string lights.


Posted by Mama Kandy Kane on 4/11/2017 to Lighting
If you are looking for wonderful lights for your wedding you are in the right place. Your Wedding Celebration Can Shine With Wedding Lights That Are Pure White.White Wedding Lights Make The Wedding Celebration Bright. White wire string lights are ideal for adding a touch of atmosphere to any Wedding celebration.To Add A Touch Of Whimsy To The Wedding Celebration. Many other colors are also here if you are looking to add a little color to your special day.

Life Size

Posted by Mama Kandy Kane on 4/6/2017 to Decor
Have you considered using life size figurines to enhance your holiday decor? Life size figurines can add that extra pop to your holiday display, allowing you to stand out from everyone else. There are so many different options when it comes to life size figures.  Who wants to have the same display year after year? It’s time to mix things up!