Lighting Signage

Posted by Buddy on 6/28/2013 to Lighting
Lighting is a great way to draw attention to signage that is not normally lit. We have several ways for you to utilize our Battery Operated lights in seemingly unnatural, but productive, ways.

Lighting Furniture

Posted by Buddy on 6/19/2013 to Lighting
Home lighting doesn’t have to just come from a fixture in the ceiling or a lamp! We’d like to get your brain thinking outside the ‘traditional’ Christmas light uses and help you think of ways to utilize your purchases year-round. We’ve come up with some ideas for you to add a touch of ambiance to any room using string lights.

Lighting Parades and Festivals

Posted by Buddy on 6/14/2013 to Lighting
Since our battery operated lights are powered with batteries and do not require an electrical outlet, there are so many ways to utilize them to make your every day, ordinary objects sparkle!! Today we would like to explore the multiple ways you can utilize battery operated lights for use in parades & festivals.

Ground Mounts For All Occasions

Posted by Buddy on 6/6/2013 to Lighting
Imagine signing up for a mobile blood draw, and when you get there, find a thirty-foot blood drop glowing in red LED lights! I have never actually seen a thirty-foot blood drop display, but it would definitely get your attention and stick in your memory. We would like to create the same lasting memory for your patrons, or non-profit advocates with a ground mount display designed just for you!