Garden & Landscape Lighting

Posted by Buddy on 8/26/2013 to Lighting
There are several ways you could incorporate lighting into your garden or landscaping; you can light deck or patio perimeters like most of your neighborhood, or you can shine spotlights to attempt keeping the pesky animals out of the garden. Below we have a few outside-the-box ideas to add some ‘sparkle’ and ‘ahhhh’ to your landscaping or garden.

Grave Blankets

Posted by Buddy on 8/22/2013 to Decor
Although not a happy topic of discussion, death is a part of life. We’d like to make sure your loved one’s graves are just as decorated as their lives were.

LED Retrofit Twinkle Bulbs

Posted by Buddy on 8/16/2013 to Lighting
There has been a large demand over previous years for a twinkle C7 LED retrofit that is not white. Therefore, this year we're introducing twinkle color - and lots of it!

Paint The Town

Posted by Buddy on 8/16/2013 to Lighting
When most people think of painting they think of hard work, huge messes, rollers and brushes, and an ultimate headache. When we think of painting, we think of lights. Yes, you can paint with lights! It’s actually a beautiful sight to see. Rochester, Michigan ‘paints’ their downtown in lights every Christmas season!

Giant Christmas Trees

Posted by Buddy on 8/6/2013 to Lighting
Winterland’s commercial Christmas trees are the perfect holiday decoration for businesses, malls, and public spaces. There are a variety of sizes and styles to choose from which will fit virtually any need. The commercial trees start at heights of 14 feet and can exceed heights of 100 feet.