Another One For the Children...

Posted by Buddy on 9/24/2013 to Decor
Our customers are so crafty! Thanks to some of them, we’ve got some more wonderful DIY ideas for the kids!! DIY projects will increase a child’s creativity and motor skills as well as teach them an all new appreciation for upcycling. Let us know how these turn out for you.

One for the Children

Posted by Buddy on 9/18/2013 to Decor
We’ve done several DIY blogs over the past year, but never one especially for the kids! Your kids want to feel special, too! So we found some ways to DIY special projects with/for your kids! These would make great birthday or Christmas gifts, or just as a special one-on-one project for the two of you.


Posted by Buddy on 9/9/2013 to Lighting
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