Candy Cane Wife

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  • Candy Cane Mother
  • 2.75'
  • Maroon Dress
  • Resin
Part Number: WL-CNDYCN-MA
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The mother of the Candy Cane Family is decked to the halls with equisite detail. For hair, her candy cane swirl is longer and turns inward with a beautiful twist. Her twirl of candy cane hair is tied back with a sleek green bow. Ma Candy Cane is dressed in a classic maroon dress, that is accentuated by a white lace collar and a silver belt. And of course a fashionable mother must match her shoes to her belt! Her vulumptiuous eyelashes are put on display along her bright blue eyes. The arms of Ma Candy Cane are in a pose with one arm down, one arm up, so she is ready to be displayed!

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