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20" Twig Wreath with Mixed Foilage and Icicles

Your Price: $20.64
  • Green Pine Needles with Glitter and Crystals
  • Wreath is 20" in diameter
  • Uses 5 different styles of branches
  • Twig frame
Part Number: WL-WRTW-20-MF-ICE
Availability: In Stock
Branches and leaves twirling around a beautiful twig frame? What a more perfect sight in addition to floral, holiday or just about any other decor? Intricate details highlight this 20" Pine floral wreath with Ice Crystalsin addition to its vibrant and lively colors to fit any venue! A beautiful decor piece that when added to garland, wreathes, trees and any other Holiday decor, becomes a statement for all people to view!

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