24" Whiskey Barrell

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  • Whisky Barrel 24" in height; 3 barrel bindings; Realistic cork port in center; Brown
  • UV Stabilized for Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Equip
Part Number: WL-WHBRL-24
Availability: Call to Order 1-800-788-9627
The 5 Regions. Scotland, Ireland, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Canada. What are these, one may ask. These are the whiskey regions of the world! Whether it's Bourbon from Kentucky or Single Malt from Scotland, whiskey is popular world wide! Whiskey being stored in barrels is iconic. Bring the rustic style of a whiskey barrel into your decor. For any Pirate, Fall, Halloween, or any other decor needs. Our 24" barrel is a dark tan wood with 4 barrel bindings. It even includes a cork port for extreme realism!

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