One of the best ways to explore the true spirit of a country is to explore its history and art—or at least whatever’s left of it.

There’s a reason, after all, why museums are counted among the most popular destination spots on a traveler’s itinerary. Whether you’re a space geek, or a film aficionado, a sports fan or a cooking maestro, you can bet there’s a museum out there that’s made to satiate your curiosity and interest!

Sculpting Inspiration

Regardless of their popularity, however, museums aren’t necessarily everyone’s “thing”. A lot of us prefer to get a sense of the city by browsing the streets, living among the locals, and exploring the sights and sounds of a new land directly through its food, culture and people.

This is what gives public sculptures their universal appeal, as they go beyond the confines of a museum or art exhibition to inspire everyone who visits!

Let’s take a look at 3such remarkable life-sized sculptures from around the world!

1.The Black Ghost (Klaipeda, Lithuania)

Located in Lithuania’s third-largest city, Juodasis Vaiduoklis (translation: The Black Ghost) is a sculpture that greets passersby near Memel Castle in Klaipeda. Created by sculptors Svajunas Jurkus and Sergejus Plotnikovas, the life-size work of art is inspired by the story of a 16th century castle-guard who claimed to have witnessed a ghostly, hooded figure.

According to legend, the ghost inquired about the town’s timber and grain supply, issued a warning of famine and—in true ghostly fashion—vanished without a trace!

Today, the statue can be seen emerging from the waters that surround the small town. Founded by Teutonic Kings, Klaipeda is known for its historical 13th century architecture. While The Black Ghost hasn’t been sighted since 1595, the statue continues to draw tourists from around the world. #HalloweenHistory

2.People of the River (Cavenagh Bridge, Singapore)

If you’re the antithesis of a museum-hoppin’ tourist and instead prefer outdoor adventures, you’re going to love taking leisurely strolls by the Singapore River.

For a glimpse into early Singapore, walk along the Cavenagh Bridge and witness a stunning series of human sculptures, starting with First Generation: frozen-motion sculptures of 5 young boys taking a dip into the river.

Continue your stroll and feast your eyes on From Chettiars to Financiers, fantastic sculptures depicting the city’s money-lending tradition, and River Merchants, a representation of the changing business landscape of Singapore.

3.The Caring Hand (Glarus, Switzerland)

If you’re impressed with sculptures with a profound message, The Caring Hand of Glaruswill resonate with you deeply.

Sculpted by Eva Oertli and Beat Huber, this life-size wonder depicts a human hand emerging from the ground and gently enveloping a tree. A powerful way to represent environmental responsibility, witnessing the immaculate details of the riveting sculpture is worth the one-hour scenic train ride from Zurich.

Ultimately, these statues are popular because they’re farmore than a visual treat. Whether they’re serving an economic purpose, endorsing a social message or sharing an important part of history, they’re able to meet their objectives through unbridled creativity.

This is the mark of a true and talented artist—and what we as a company value above everything else.

When it comes to artwork, authenticity always thrives. This is why we offer 100% handcrafted statues to a plethora of clients in an array of industries that include collectors’ stores, film sets, museums, retail stores, restaurants and more!