In the southern hemisphere, winter falls in July.  Therefore in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, in order to have Christmas with a winter feel, Christmas in July events are undertaken.   Accordingly, we thought we would offer some décor ideas for all your Christmas in July festivities.

The most obvious would be a white Christmas tree decorated with red and blue ornaments and lights.  Now other countries aren’t going to see the irony in decorating a tree in red and blue, but here in America, red, white and blue decorations in July just seem natural.  We have several red and blue ornaments to choose from - matte, glitter, small, large – the options are numerous.  Throw some red, white, and blue ribbon on your tree, and it’s the perfect addition to your July décor.

Create a spectacular ornament tree…on canvas!  Find a canvas size that suits your space, choose some red, white, and blue ornaments, and simply poke the wire through the canvas into a Christmas tree pattern.  This would be a wonderful addition to any wall, and if you stuck with red, white, and blue, could be used for your holiday décor later in the year as well.

In the red, white, and blue theme, our new picks could be easily transformed into bouquets.  Create multiples to set around the house in several different areas.  Toss some into clear glass containers to create quick and easy centerpieces for your Christmas in July themed parties.  Red, white, and blue ornaments can be added for some extra depth to the centerpieces.

A Christmas tree shape on any wall with string lights would be one way to decorate if you want to avoid the red, white, and blue color scheme.  You can create ‘ornaments’ to hang on your tree using flower heads secured with fishing wire.  This would be a wonderful way to bring some of the outdoors inside!

If the tropics is more your style, simply decorate a wreath using seashells!  This tropical themed wreath could grace your front door, welcoming your guests with warm thoughts of far off lands.

How do you celebrate Christmas in July?  What are some of the decorations you have created in the past, or do you intend to use for this year’s festivities?  We love to hear your ideas!