From civil war to the crash of Wall Street, we Americans have been through times and fortunately, we have survived them.

At one point or another, we all feel patriotic for our country. Whether we want to celebrate our cultural achievements or pay tribute to the soldiers risking their lives for our safety, having any of these statues will help you express your patriotism towards the country.

From museums to homes, these life-size statues will work for all kinds of places and events. We at Butlers and Signs have created a list of incredible life-size statues to stir your patriotism.

Have a look at them:

Life-Size Marine Statue

Created from resin, this proud marine can welcome your guests with great dignity. With military uniform and a marine cap, this statue can be great for homes, museums, military event, and even military bases. The stern expression also adds to the effect.

Life Size Statue of Confederate Soldier

The Confederate States Army (CSA) was formed at the time of American Civil war. They were a group of volunteers taking part in the war.

Weighing 26 pounds, this soldier is a great representation of the Confederate Army. With realistic rifle and binocular made out of resin, it can prove to be an amazing display for events and museums. 

World War II Soldier

This World War II statue has realistic features and priceless expressions. It can be an amazing addition to a World War II themed party. Not only will this artistic piece be a great topic of discussion for your guests it will also be a reminder of the horrors of the war.

The Fallen Soldier Memorial Statue

This is one great example of conveying emotions without uttering a single word. The design, carried out with immaculate details, just says it all. This memorial is an honor for all our fallen soldiers. It is a tribute to their efforts and sacrifices for our land.

Life-Size American Soldier

Handcrafted out of resin, this statue seems to be a soldier at war. With a backpack, binoculars and detachable rifle, this statue is as real as it gets. If you are a fan of the military in action, this can be a perfect choice for you.

With a team of creative artists, we at Butlers and Signs have been handcrafting lifelike statues for quite some time now. We hope this list was useful. You also might want to check out some of our other military life-size statues.