Winterland works extremely hard year-round to make sure the new products will be both practical and inviting at the same time.  We have prided ourselves on bringing you the highest quality, most interesting and fun polyresins we can find year after year!  This year’s additions to our collection are no exception; we hope you agree as we introduce our full line of Halloween, Harvest and Fall Resins!!!!.

This year we are excited to introduce our full line of Fall, Harvest and Halloween designs.

Everyone needs to have a throne to sit on for the Fall.  So this year we designed our Pumpkin Throne.  It is 55" wide and sits 50" tall.  The seat is 30" deep so everyone will be comfortable when they strike a pose in this wonderful throne.

Next up is our wonderful Scarecrow Family.  Each pieces was carved to look like they are in the middle of the corn fields and covered with leaves.  Father stands 6' tall with Mother standing 5.5' tall.  The Girl stands 3.8' tall and the boy stands 4.2' tall.

With the Scarecrow Family we also want to introduce our new Hay Bench and Hay bales.  The great part of these is that you will have the look of Hay however none of the clean up!!!  The Hay Bench is 30" deep and stands 5' tall by 6.5' long.  It is truly a one-of-a-kind piece that will have you sitting for hours on the Hay without the itch or mess.

Pumpkins..... what is the fall without pumpkins?  Introducing the new full line of pumpkins.  from 18" to 3' pumpkins.  There are also all the new light-up pumpkins that can plug in for the extra glow at night!!

To end the perfect night during the Fall what is a trip to the graveyard?  Now Winterland offers 7 different tombstones for the Fall and Halloween season.  

No matter how you use these, the new polyresins are sure to add some character to your displays this year.  We cannot wait to hear your feedback.  Send us an email at