Recently, there has been a resurgence of retro things. We’ve seen many movies, video games, candy, cartoons, action figures, and even soda remade or revisited. You can now enjoy some old-fashioned Razzles while watching the remake of Halloween and then drink some Pepsi in the original can. So with all of these retro items popping up, it should come as no surprise that there are current many retro-fit replacement bulbs available. Retro-fit bulbs are the perfect combination of the old fashioned lighting look and new age technology. These LED bulbs use significantly less power than the traditional lights they resemble, are extremely difficult to break as opposed to the old glass bulbs that were easy to shatter, and are cool burning. They have screw-in bases that can be used in any traditional light string or candelabra. You can purchase new strings (of the appropriate type) and create your own light set, or use these bulbs in your older strings to give them new life. There are many options currently available. There are C-6, C-7, and C-9 styles. C bulbs were often considered THE traditional Christmas light, but there was always a danger of overheating associated with them. There is no such danger with their retrofit counterparts. There are also G12 and G25 “globe lights”. These bulbs were known as “party lights” because they were often used to light up big events. There are also M5 and M6 “mini-ice lights”, which strongly resemble the traditional mini light with an added icy edge. And last but certainly not least are the 5MM “polka-dot” lights. No matter which light type is your favorite, there is a retrofit alternative that you should seriously consider switching to. In addition to the safety benefits are the economic and environmental ones. Since they use so much less power, they are better for the environment than energy burning ones and, as a result, they create a much smaller electric bill. On pretty much every front, LED bulbs are the superior type. For more information on availability or why you should make the switch today, e-mail and let one of their agents assist you.